Ronni Simon Jewelry on  Martha's Vineyard
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Stone Jewelry Collection by Ronni  Simon The jewelry that I design and hand-craft are all one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. Semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls are crocheted with precious metal wire into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and lariats.

The collection that you see are samples of my various designs. Each piece can be custom made to your individual specifications; the size and length to fit you personally.

If you prefer another choice of stones, you may specify that as well. Most of my designs are available in sterling silver, 14 kt. gold, gold-filled, brass and copper. Prices vary based upon the materials used.

Coral Handmade Jewelry by Ronni Simon I enjoy working with customers to create a piece of jewelry which is as unique as we are. There need be no limit to your imagination. A three inch silver cuff with turquoise and jade can become a 14 kt. gold four inch cuff with pearls, amethyst, labradorite and garnets.

The gemstones that I use in my jewelry have special significance.

Turquoise hand crafted Jewelry by Ronni Simon For example: Jade has always been known as a good luck and prosperity charm. Garnets inspire passion. Amethysts bring serenity and peace of mind. Black Onyx aids rationality and repels negativity from others. Smokey Quartz transforms negative emotions into positive energies. Moonstone balances heart and mind -- to name but a few. Each stone is selected with great care. It is a meditation and art form for me and my wish is for the future wearer to feel the same.

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Ronni Simon Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard
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