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     Thanks to:  Jill Iscol, Merryl Zuber, Lucy Simon, Jane Evans, Carolyn Cohen, Ken Rhoads,

Sheryl Roth Rogers, Dorothy May Sullivan, Mirabai Bush, Stacy & Philip Skalski, Randy Kamen Gredinger,

Debbie Goldman, Eleanore Wells, Kevin J. Parham, Mercedes Kelso, John BK Martinec, David White,

Ginny Newton, Joan O’Donnell Daniele, Kathleen Kendrick, Elizabeth Hall, Judith Belushi Pisano,

Carrie Schein, Charles Silberstein, Patti Channer, Carl Holt, Debbie Lesser, Lynn Lilienthal, Yong Yam

Elva Davis, Amelia Lock, Catherine Zultne, Joyce Silberling, Janet Foley Orosz, Michael West,

Valerie Sonnenthal, Marilyn Bogue, Larry Mollin  

                                  for making my kickstarter project a success!

        The Martha's Vineyard Art Project was completed and installed on the side of the historic Capawock Movie Theater in Vineyard Haven on Main Street in Vineyard Haven over Labor Day weekend. The sculpture is a triptych of three 9' tall by 2' wide panels created with crocheted metal wire and glass beads.  Go to the Metal & Bead Sculpture Gallery to see how it looks.

         With love and gratitude for helping me bring my dream to life,



The SIMON GALLERY, located on Martha's Vineyard, is open until New Years Eve.

 The address is 54 Main Street, Vineyard Haven.

           My jewelry, wall sculptures and Peter's photographs are featured, but we also have an extraordinary collection of yarn and hand-knitted goods.      

        So, if you are on Martha's Vineyard, please stop in and say hello. The gallery phone number is 508 687-9556.

 I have been doing trunk shows for various charities and giving the organization 20% of all sales. If you have a favorite charity please contact me about organizing an event or adding me to an existing one. 



Ronni Simon Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard
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