Ronni Simon Jewelry on  Martha's Vineyard
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Bead & Metal Sculptures

Chutes & Ladders © Ronni Simon


The inspiration for this sculpture was the sculpture itself. What started out as an interesting play of color and texture soon evoked a flashback to my childhood and the board games I often played. The intricacies of the intersecting lines brought to mind the game of Chutes & Ladders (also known as Snakes & Ladders). Once this crystallized in my mind I became obsessed with the craziness of the maze and quite literally had to force myself to stop the “maziness” and declare this a finished piece.

The inspiration for this new foray into pure art -- form without regard to function -- is primarily the cuff design. While crocheting and adding the beads, I had the desire to expand it far beyond the size of anyone's wrist and just be able to take total joy in gazing upon it.  My first sculptures felt much like something I would come across on the beach, perhaps caught up in a net. This led me to comb the beaches for interesting pieces of driftwood. But, soon the woods beckoned. Odd shaped tree stumps and fallen trees offered new opportunities. As said before, Martha's Vineyard has always been an inspiration for artists and everywhere I look these days I see the connection between nature and art.

Ronni Simon Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard
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